lonley horny sister


lonley horny sister

Sarah came home from school Friday and put her book bag down at the door. She smiled her parents were going to be gone all night. Most seventeen year olds would be able to stay at home by them selves but her parents know how she is and had her old nanny watch her.

“Sarah is that you?” she heard a voice say. Her nanny was always the best she would make her do what she had to do but they always had fun. She was only a couple years older than her so she was like her big sister.

“Yeah its me” Melanie, her baby sister came around the corner. She took a step back in awe. She didn’t remember her being so pretty. Long blonde hair to her breast. So big. And bouncy as she ran to Sarah and pressed them firm up against her in a hug.

“Oh you grew up! Your so hot I bet the boys cant keep their hands off you!” She pulled back but kept her hands on Sarah’s shoulders. Sarah leaned forward a little bit so their breast could touch a little. Melanie let them touch… Sarah smiled big.

“Yeah. Yeah I did I guess. We have to catch up-”

“Yep. After your homework” She let go and span around back towards the kitchen. She was wearing a silky green cami and skirt that complemented her ass nicely. “I have a couple of things planned. Homework wont take long right?”

“No, just a little review” Sarah said. She grabbed her bag and went to the kitchen. She pulled out her science book and began to look through the book.

She occasionally kept looking up at Melanie who kept teasing her with dances as she cooked. She could not focus anymore. She flipped her brown hair over her shoulder and bit her lip. Pressed her breast on top of the table to bring more attention. She didn’t know why she wanted her so bad. She always messed around with boys. But a couple months ago she opened her self up to girls. It was a thing she tried with a girl her age. But Melanie was a full figured sexy woman. What is that? D cup in a cami to small. Uhh. She flipped a page. Her ass so round and her skirt was so short. She must of came after her parents left.

“Done” she shut the book and smiled.

“So is a little snack” Melanie said as she brought the plates over. She sat down and they began to eat. “So how old are you now?”

“Seventeen, you? I know you were only a couple years older than me”

“Ha, I’m 25”

“And your still babysitting?”

“No, but when I had another opportunity to see you I couldn’t help but come back into the business” Sarah blushed. “To see if the little snot nose girl I remember still ate crayons”

“Oh I never!”

“Every chance you had” things fell silent after that. Sarah felt embarrassed for being so young. She felt foolish for even thinking things could happen between them.

After she finished Sarah announced she was going to nap. She ran up the her room. She took off all her clothes and laid down. She never sleeps with clothes. She couldn’t fall asleep, she kept picturing Melanie in her head. She turned to her back and bit her lip. She opened her window slightly and lit the cold breeze whip across her. Her nipples got hard as she walked over to the bed. She closed her eyes and licked her fingers, she ran them down to her pussy. She shoved her fingers in hard. She wiggled them as hard as she could. Her spreading her legs wide. She grabbed the pillow and kneeled on top of it. She humped over it and masturbated hard as she humped the pillow. After a few minutes and the job as done. She wiped her hand on her chest and fell asleep.

It as a couple hours later when she woke up. Her window was shut. Melanie must of came in. she must of seen her naked. She smiled. Melanie probably was proud. She stood in front of the mirror. She had an amazing body. Anybody would be lucky to touch her. Nice hips. A tight ass. She squatted. With a pussy that makes grown men moan. She rubbed her pussy and kissed her hand. She grabbed her breast. C cup isn’t bad. Perky C cup is never bad. She grabbed her breast. Gum drop nipples and a tiny disk around. She loved her breast. She kissed her self in the mirror.

She hopped in the shower really fast since her chest was so sticky. She put on a big t-shirt and figured she would just talk on the phone. Melanie called her from her parents room. She walked in slowly. Melanie must was watching TV in the dark. She smiled “oh you just got out the shower good! I want to brush your hair like I used to when you were younger”

Sarah would have said no if it a anyone else but she said “Okay”. Melanie swung her legs and spread them on the side of the bed. She was wearing a nightie to big for her. Sarah could see her nipples. She sat down between Melanie’s legs. She began to brush. The droplet’s from her hair started making her cold.

Melanie giggle “ your nipples are getting hard”, she pinched them through Sarah’s shirt quickly. “I guess you are all grown up now huh? You have very big nipples. What size bra you wear now?”

“34 C” Sarah said proudly. “You Melanie?”

“I’m all done with your hair.” She patted the bed. Sarah sat next to her close so their knees would touch. Melanie watched her as she sat and then when she finally looked at Melanie and grabbed her breast and said “34 D…. their fake”

“Really?” Sarah said glad Melanie gave her an excuse to look at her breast.

“Yeah! Wanna feel?” Sarah nodded and reached for her breast with one hand slowly. “Nooo, not through this big old nightie” she slipped off her straps and let her breast hit the air. Sarah took a deep breathe and took both her hands to her breast. She rubbed lightly then pulled away.

“No squeeze hard Sarah.” She grabbed Sarah pressed and rubbed them firmly and smiled. “Like this” she stopped and pulled away. Sarah began to get a little wet. She got closer to Melanie’s nipples when she pulled her straps back up. “They feel nice right”

“Sure do. Why did you get them?”

“I didn’t want to wear a bra anymore” she laughed. “Not all of us can have perky boobs like yours”

Sarah looked down and jiggled her breast with her hands with a giggle.

Melanie looked down. “I know Becca’s sister you know? Darlene” Sarah turned red. Becca was her ex-girlfriend. The first girl she ever dated.

“Oh” was all she could say.

“Yeah. Just thought I let you know.“ She rubbed her knee. “You want to watch this movie with me?” Melanie said as she scooted to the middle of the bed.

“Yeah” Sarah said hesitantly. She didn’t have time to but on any underwear. “ I just need to change”

“Don’t worry about it. Come on.”

Sarah laughed “I don’t have any underwear on”

“You don’t need any to watch a movie…”

Sarah crawled across the bed to the other side of her. Her ass coming out in the process. She sat down next the Melanie on her parents bed. Their shoulders were barely touching. They sat there for a while. Sarah got upset. She needed something to happen she was just being teased. She leaned her head on Melanie’s shoulder.

“Tired?” Melanie asked. Without looking at her.

“Yeah a little” Sarah said calmly. Melanie put her arm around her as Sarah laid her head on the side of her chest. Melanie’s hand lightly touch Sarah’s chest. Sarah looked at Melanie’s chest. Her nightie was barley covering her. She scooted more so that her shirt would rise up exposing her juicy pussy.

Nothing happened. Melanie didn’t do a thing. Sarah got kept scooting till her shirt as basically up to her chest. Sarah open her mouth to say something when Melanie kissed the top of her head. “you want to grow up so fast. You think you like girls?”

Sarah didn’t know how to respond. She sat up and looked at Melanie blankly. Melanie took off her nightie and sat on the bed naked. She nipples hard and her pussy throbbing. Sarah ran her hand across her pussy. She didn’t know what to do but her pussy was so wet. She just knew that her pussy was wet.

“Fine. I’ll do it first” Melanie sat to her knees and whipped off Sarah’s t-shirt. She pushed her flat on the bed.

Sarah tried to sit up “Hey, I’m sorry I don’t-” Melanie shoved her tongue into Sarah’s mouth. She thrashed her tongue around her mouth and rubbed Sarah’s hard tits. Sarah tried to resist but it felt so good. She gave in and ran her hands threw Melanie’s hair.

“Dirty bitch!” Melanie yelled in her mouth. She sat up forcefully. She smacked Sarah’s titty making it bounce hard. She smiled and did it again. And again. And again. Turned her tits pink.

“That hurts” Sarah said.

“Shut up” Melanie said. “You like this right” She shoved her tongue back into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah was so turned on and scared. She just cooperated. She ran her hands threw Melanie’s hair. Locking her fingers when Melanie started to rub her wet pussy up and down Sarah’s leg. Making Sarah quiver. Melanie sat up and bit her neck. She licked her down to her pussy. She kissed it and looked up at Sarah. She smiled. “Remember when you ate crayons?”

As soon as Sarah said yes. Melanie bit her clit. She screamed. Every lick erupting a scream. Every suck starting moan. Melanie sucked her clit dry. Sarah grabbed on to the sheets. Pulling them off the bed as she screamed in pleasure. Melanie ate every bit of cum off Sarah’s pussy. She came up and laid on top of Sarah. Sarah was breathing hard and trying to wipe away the tears in her eyes. Her heart was beating hard. That was the best orgasm she has ever had. She closed her eyes as Melanie got off of her.

“I told you I had thing planned for us.” Sarah opened her eyes to see Melanie holding a double ended dildo.

“Give me a minute. That was so good” Sarah breathed. Melanie smiled and got on top of Sarah. She ran her nipples across her face. Sarah started to suck them hard like Melanie did. Melanie ripped her nipple out her mouth with a little whine. She kissed Sarah as her body relaxed. Sarah felt a sharp thrust in her pussy. Melanie shoved the dildo in them both. Sarah moaned stop. Melanie didn’t react.

Melanie start humping Sarah harder than Sarah has ever had it before. Sarah dug her nails into Melanie’s back. And screamed. Melanie started squeezing Sarah’s tits hard. As she began to scream. Their pussy’s slapping hard against each other as dildo shook.

“AHHHHHH” Melanie screamed as she hit as hard as she could. Sarah started to cum with her third orgasm of the night. Soaking her parents sheets as her body shook violently.

Melanie was still going. Melanie bit Sarah’s lip as she kept beating. Her pussy beating into Sarah’s. the dildo shoving in and out. The pressure building up. She finally let go of Sarah’s lip with a scream of pleasure. She arched her back and grabbed Sarah’s waist. Pushing her pussy as deep as it could go. The dildo shaking in her vagina.

Sarah kept going as hard as she could. Pushing up and down in Melanie. It as hard since Melanie was directly on top of her pushing her down.

Melanie came all over her thighs. Sarah smacked Melanie’s hard ass tit and kept going as Melanie started to shake. Melanie curled her legs over Sarah. Pushing deeper as she screamed. Her back still arched popping out her amazing rack. Shaking hard her tits quivered in the night air. Sarah licked her lips and kept going. Slapping their wet pussy’s together. Melanie let out her last moan and fell limp next to Sarah.

Sarah still had the dildo in her vagina. She gave it a few pumps then licked it. She threw it on the floor. She watched Melanie heave next to her. Her breathes so deep her back barely touched the bed. Sarah bit Melanie’s nipple hard. She winced and pulled away. Sarah got on top of Melanie and sucked her nipples as hard as she could getting them as hard as possible.

Her nipples swollen and pink. Gumdrops hard as fucking rocks shaking. She then sat on top of her chest and rubbed Melanie’s nipple on clit. Slowly… getting in their nice. Her ass spread out in the air. Legs startled around Melanie’s head. Melanie started then shoved her hands into Sarah’s pussy. Expanding it more. Melanie shoved her tit in deeper and spanked her ass as Sarah started to suck Melanie dry.

Melanie’s hairy pussy was soaked. Sarah got it done though making Melanie orgasm again. She kept going. The more Melanie thrust around the more pleasure her pussy got from her nipple. Sarah came on Melanie’s chest and laid there. Juice seeping on her chest as she breathed in Melanie’s sweet pussy.

They breathed heavy and laid there for a few minutes. Sarah then turned around so that she could kiss Melanie. She made out with her passionately. Bit her lip hard. And pulled away. She smiled and ran her hand down to Melanie’s pussy. She shoved her fingers deep inside and bit her lip again. Melanie tried to wiggle away tiredly.

Sarah shoved her fingers in deeper and said “I’m pretty sure I like girls… just to answer your question.”


Can watch this all day…


Can watch this all day…